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J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth glossary. . 2003.

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  • William IV of Aquitaine — William IV (937 ndash; 3 February 994 [ Nouvelle Biographie Générale . The date of 5 February 995 probably comes from Owen.] ), called Fierebras or Fierebrace (meaning Iron Arm , from the French Fier à bras or Fièrebrace , in turn from the Latin… …   Wikipedia

  • Fulk III, Count of Anjou — Fulk III (972 ndash; 21 June 1040), called Nerra (that is, le Noir , the Black ) after his death, was Count of Anjou from 21 July 987 to his death. He was the son of Geoffrey Greymantle and Adelaide of Vermandois. He was the founder of Angevin… …   Wikipedia

  • Fulk II, Count of Anjou — Fulk II of Anjou (died November 11, 958), son of Fulk the Red, was count of Anjou from 941 to 958. He was often at war with the Bretons. He seems to have been a man of culture, a poet and an artist. In 958 he was succeeded by his son Geoffrey… …   Wikipedia

  • Geoffrey I, Count of Anjou — Geoffrey I of Anjou (died July 21, 987), known as Grisegonelle ( Greymantle ), was count of Anjou from 958 to 987. He succeeded his father Fulk II. He cultivated the loyal support of a group of magnates, some of whom he inherited from his father …   Wikipedia

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